Off the topic: Become a tailgating all-star

November 5, 2015 Stephanie DiPaolo

Tailgating – it’s what you get when you mix fall, football, and food. Many claim it’s an art form rather than a science. Nonetheless, each region has their own traditions; those that have been perfected over the years. So when you’re invited to a tailgate (or throw your own tailgating event), the pressure of becoming the next tailgating master can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the essentials from preparation to recipes to activities. All are sure to be crowd pleasers.


Preparing for the big day

As mentioned above, tailgating is an art form and masterpieces can’t be made in one morning. So, we recommend you prepare the night before a tailgating event to cover all the bases. As mentioned by Buzzfeed, “This is not about a grill and a cooler of beer: Tailgating is a lifestyle.” They feel strongly about tailgating. Enough so that they came up with 41 Tailgating Tips That Are Borderline Genius. This list literally covers it all. It provides a detailed diagram of the proper way to pack a cooler. Think you can park your car anywhere? Think again. Buzzfeed discusses the importance of where to set up based on wind direction and avoiding smoking out your area with grill fumes. And of course, no tailgating checklist is complete without the emphasis on food and drinks.

Tailgating recipes

The food you serve at a tailgate might be as important as the game itself – just our personal opinions! Make sure you prepare a variety of ready-to-serve, easy eating finger foods. The last thing you want to worry about is holding up a bunch of hungry fans ready to carb up before a big game. Here are some flawless recipes you should try.tailgating-food-26-50-n


Once you stuff yourself full of finger-licking goodies, it’s time for party games. In fact, there is even a designated site made specifically to cover all the best tailgating activities. discusses games such as cornhole and beer pong (which are no surprises) but also introduces low key activities such as NFL trivia board game. It even provides 13 “All Important Game Chants” that are definitely worth checking out.

For your next big game day, remember that you can do it with a little bit of research and a whole lot of preparation. Hopefully, we were able to make you the next tailgating master of your group! Make sure you post pictures of tailgating inspiration in the comments box below!


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