Sherpa’s Top 10 Highlights of 2015

January 6, 2016 Kayla Badini

A new year is upon us which means it’s time to reflect on the year that was. For Sherpa Software, 2015 was exceptionally exciting. Altitude IG, our signature SaaS platform, has continued to evolve, providing IT professionals with the most comprehensive set of tools for their eDiscovery and information management related challenges. Supporting our customers like Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. and the Cleveland Browns as well as our annual tradition of giving back to our local community are always at the top of our list of accomplishments. But that’s not all; Sherpa experienced many more noteworthy moments over the last 12 months.
Without further ado, here are 10 highlights of 2015:

1. January/February 2015 | Sherpa Software is featured in industry publications
The year began with Sherpa being featured in several industry publications including Document Strategy, Corporate Compliance Insights, LegalTech News, Processor Magazine and CIO Insight. Sherpa thought leaders were also featured speakers throughout the year at trade shows and conferences including The Document Strategy Forum and LegalTech New York.

2. March 2015 | Altitude IG recognized as one of 2015 “Trend Setting Products” by KMWorld Magazine
KMWorld’s list is assembled through a yearlong collaboration with a judging panel consisting of colleagues, analysts, system integrators, theorists, practitioners and a select group of knowledge workers. Sherpa Software’s Altitude IG was selected out of more than 200 vendors evaluated. Read more.

3. July 2015 | Altitude IG updates eDiscovery module with enhanced searching capabilities
Our new features help IT, corporate counsel, and compliance managers save time and money. In addition to several performance enhancements, multiple features have been added such as system notifications and search exceptions. Read more.

4. September 2015 | Sherpa‘s 15 year anniversary!
In September of 2000, Sherpa launched our first product, an email management program to help implement policies for IBM Notes email and Microsoft Exchange. For the next 15 years, we built a suite of software solutions that handled all aspects of information management. Enter Altitude IG. Read more.

5. September 2015 | Altitude IG announces enhanced legal hold features
Altitude IG already lowers organizational risk by automating custodian notification, acknowledgment and tracking for organized preservation and defensibility. The new Legal Hold features greatly reduce the time it takes to set up and execute this process by automating resending and reminder notices to custodians. In addition, legal departments can customize legal hold notice templates that are sent, as well as including the ability to send customizable questionnaires within the notices.. Read more.

6. October 2015 | Survey Results
We surveyed more than 100 people from eight different industries and asked them two questions pertaining to their policy enforcement and eDiscovery needs. You may be surprised by the responses. See them for yourself!

7. October 2015 | New website launch
Sherpa’s website received a makeover in Q4 of last year. As you can see, we decided to focus on the value we drive for our core IT market with the Altitude IG platform. The new Sherpa website features a clean and easy to navigate user interface to get IT professionals to the information they need as quickly and easily as possible whether it’s a free trial, one on one demo, video tour or our hundreds of great blog articles, white papers and infographics.

8. November 2015 | Customer success stories
There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. A few of the many customers we successfully assisted with their needs chronicled the experience in written case studies.

  • Cleveland Browns – The Browns quickly realized the benefits of Altitude IG, estimating they reduced the time to conduct searches by 65% and reduced the amount of data necessary to turn over to counsel by 60% due to elimination of “noise.” They also implemented policy enforcement that immediately recaptured 2 TB’s of storage space on their public file drive. Read more.
  • Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. – Altitude IG was able to locate the specified mailboxes (several hundred), report on all the file sizes and automate the extraction of data to PST files with a maximum size of 10 Gb. A total of 5 terabytes of data was migrated from user mailboxes into PST files. Read more.
  • Highline College – Highline College in Des Moines, WA has used Discovery Attender, Sherpa’s on premise eDiscovery search and collection tool for several years, namely in the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree. Discovery Attender is utilized in Highline’s Data Recovery and Forensics spring program when the class teams up with the Legal 220 class entitled e-Discovery and Forensics. Beginning this year, Discovery Attender’s use will be expanded into the Applied Bachelor’s degree in CyberSecurity and Forensics. Read more.

9. December 2015 | Holiday Giving Tree
The Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA is an organization focused on increasing awareness of domestic violence and its effect on the community. Sherpa employees have rallied around this cause for more than a decade by purchasing gifts and placing them under our “Holiday Giving Tree” for a family in need. Read more.

10. All of 2015 | Content
A shiny new website calls for shiny new content which is why we’ve offered more than eight white papers, 85 blog articles, three case studies, six newsletters, three infographics, and much more. We even have a new “Resource Center” on our website to house all of the content. Make sure you check it out!

We couldn’t do it without our customers and partners, so thank you to all involved in Sherpa Software’s continued success!

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