Sherpa’s Top 10 Must Reads!

January 26, 2016 Kayla Badini

As 2016 kicks off, you’ve most likely heard “new year, new you” more times than you can count. New resolutions, new goals, new perspective, new, new, new.  We too look at the New Year with a view toward developing great new content.  But while starting off the year with new and exciting content is expected, we can’t help but reflect back on the great content that was created in the past but is just as relevant today. Sherpa is always striving to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends.  so, to start off 2016, let’s take a look back at the top 10 best performing content pieces of 2015 based on the feedback of our valued readers:

  1. [Blog] Structured and Unstructured Data: What is It?

This blog defines the difference between structured and unstructured data while also giving examples that are easy to understand. “Enterprises are finally getting comfortable with managing massive amounts of data, content and information. The pace of information creation continues to accelerate, but the ability of infrastructure and information management to keep pace is coming within sight.”

2. [Blog] How to delete a PST file: 4 steps to take

The very nature of PST files can make them a nightmare to manage.  Often, you can find yourself with duplicate PST files that can drain productivity from both you and your computer.  If you have decided that you need to delete some straggling PSTs, then we have the GIFs to guide you.

3. [Blog] On-Premises vs. Cloud Computing

It appears everyone assumes that “the cloud” is the wave of the future, but this may not be entirely true.  There are many factors that go into whether using cloud computing is right or wrong for your company and/or industry.

4. [eBook] Corporate Information Governance Program Parts 1 – 4

Over the four parts of the program outlined in this eBook, we attempt to break the governance journey down into logical steps designed to help you get started. From understanding the compelling need to selecting and building a team to creating a repetitive process, each of the four phases contains advice that will help you move from analysis to action.


5. [Blog] What is a PST File? Purpose, Benefits, & Problems

This blog post will discuss the original purpose of the PST file, along with some of the benefits and challenges that arise when utilizing them in your organization.

6. [Blog] Information Governance vs. Records Management – Is there a Difference?

It’s easy to either confuse these two types of programs or, in some cases, believe they are synonymous. For those new to the topics of governance, risk and compliance, it’s hard to keep new terminology straight. Many clients believe that a sound records management program implies information governance, but this is not the case.

7. [eBook] Information Technology Handbook – 10 must-read articles on managing ESI

Included in the following articles is a wealth of information concerning information technology best practices for managing ESI and answers to frequently asked questions.

8. [Infographic] 2 Question Survey on Policy Enforcement and eDiscovery

More than 100 information professionals from 8 different industries weighed in on our 2015 survey. This infographic helps to illustrate the results. Download for free!

9. [White paper] Demystifying Defensible Deletion

In this white paper, Sherpa’s eDiscovery expert, Marta Farensbach, defines defensible deletion while highlighting some key areas where organizations should take immediate action.

10. [White paper] Understanding your Data – The Value of Reporting and Analytics to your Business

In this white paper, we explore how data reporting and analytics can save your business time and money and offer guidance on systems for inventorying and analyzing ESI within your organization.


There you have it!  Sherpa’s top ten most popular content of 2015.  What will be the top content in 2016?  Please email about the topics you would like us to cover and we’ll do our best to address it in the near future.  Until then, stay up to date with all of Sherpa’s latest content by visiting our website at or subscribing to our newsletter!



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