8 Reasons to visit Pittsburgh, PA

April 26, 2016 Kayla Badini

Pittsburgh marathon weekend is upon us and this city is about to have hundreds of guest cross one of the many bridges to participate in the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and more.  Once you have picked up your race packet and explored the David L. Lawrence Convention Center at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo full of vendors, entertainment, etc., you may want to spend your evening exploring what Pittsburgh has to offer.  Not joining us for the events this weekend?  Don’t worry, Pittsburgh always has something exciting to enjoy throughout the year.  That said, here is a list of 8 reasons to visit and explore this wonderful city.

  1. The Pittsburgh Language

To start, Pittsburgh is well known for its own version of the English language.  Many have even made songs about the Pittsburghese you will hear while walking dahn the street.  Or have you tried a Primanti’s sammich? Confused? You’re not alone. There is an entire Pittsburghese dictionary available to understand the local jargon. Don’t miss out on learning a new slang while touring Pittsburgh!

  1. Sites

Pittsburgh is known for being the “city of bridgesm” for it has 446 bridges that are in the city limits and it is officially the city with the most bridges in the world, three more than former world leader Venice, Italy. The three rivers that connect at The Point make for a beautiful site to see.  You can visit the overlook in Mount Washington and take pictures of Pittsburgh’s three rivers (Ohio River, Allegheny River, and Monongahela River) and the wonderful skyline… no filters needed.

Not only is the site seeing a wonderful event, but Pittsburgh also has many museums to visit as well.  The Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory and much more make for a great day of site seeing and visiting some historical locations.  You may even want to check out the Carnegie Science Center to have a little fun with the kids while also making it a learning experience.

  1. The Food

1Looking for some good eats?  Pittsburgh’s food scene has been growing in the last couple of years.  The hometown staples, such as Primanti Brothers, isn’t the only restaurant you should make plans to see.  Pittsburgh has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri for three of its restaurants (The Dor-Stop, Nadines, and Pamelas).  You can also indulge in other hometown favorites like pierogis at the Polish Deli in the Strip District.

Restaurants are blooming throughout Pittsburgh and the list just keeps growing!  There are many articles written about what restaurants you should try and what is up and coming.  So many, in fact, that I’ve had to create a Dinner Club with my foodie friends to try all the new restaurants in town.  Truth is, we aren’t even close to trying all the newest eateries so be sure to come to Pittsburgh with an appetite.

  1. Sports Teams

2Steelers (or in Pittsburghese, pronounced “Stillers”), Pirates, Penguins, oh my!  The three rivers city has three great sports teams that are no doubt worth the experience.  With the biggest fan base, the Steelers, have 6 Super Bowl rings and a global fan following that makes for an exciting game.  Pirate’s and Penguin’s games are also worth attending.  With a great view of the river and city skyline from almost all of our stadiums, you won’t want to miss a good ole Yinzer gathering.


  1. Events

Pittsburgh is full of events throughout the year and some of the best can be attended throughout Spring and Summer.  Art festivals, concerts, sports games, etc. – Pittsburgh has it all.  Looking for a fun way to spend a summer evening in Pittsburgh?  Jam on Walnut is one of many Shady Side events held throughout the year.  Food, drinks and live music, need I say more?  Check out the schedule for Jam on Walnut and many of the other Shady Side events for 2016.

3Cinema in the park is another great event to attend in the summer months.  Pick between many locations and grab a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy a movie under the night sky.

Although this will not be happening during race weekend, Anthrocon is a yearly convention held in Pittsburgh.  If you love to see furry animals (and I’m not talking about the zoo) you will love this time of year.  Dogs, sheep, bears galore walk the streets of Pittsburgh.  Trust me, this isn’t something you would want to miss.


  1. The neighborhoods

Mount Wash, Strip District, Lawrenceville, Shady Side, North Shore, and South Side!  Pittsburgh is full of neighborhoods, each with its own style and allure.  Want to explore our markets and street vendors? Hit the streets of the Strip District where you will find sites such as Wholeys Fish Market, vendors, and a look at our city’s history.  Want to let loose and dance, drink and party?  South Side has over 80 bars in 20+ blocks.  Modern and eclectic restaurants and bars can be found in Lawrenceville while Shady side has shopping, dining and more.  Mount Washington, well, the view is all you need to attract you to this neighborhood.

With all the different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your night on the town.

  1. Breweries and distilleries

4The amount of breweries in Pittsburgh is growing and we couldn’t be happier.  From classics like Penn Brewery and Church Brew Works to new additions such as East End Brewery, Vodoo Brewery and more.  Pittsburgh even has its own whiskey distillery called Wigle Whiskey located in the Strip District and North Side.  Check out this article on all the different locations available in Pittsburgh.  If you want to try them all, join one of the brewery tours!



  1. Schools

The number of colleges and universities in Pittsburgh’s city limits is remarkable.  The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Point Park University, just to name a few.  No matter where you are in Pittsburgh, it is likely that you are on a school’s campus or near one.  Take some time out of your trip to visit some of our campuses and see what they have to offer.  From fun events to beautiful buildings and landmarks, our Pittsburgh schools are a beautiful part of our city.

These are just a few of the reasons to visit Pittsburgh and how you can enjoy your Pittsburgh Marathon weekend.  Other reasons for visiting and exploring our great city include its history as the Steel city, culture, innovation, and much more.  There is so much to love about Pittsburgh and you will have a better understanding after you have visited.  If I can make one suggestion, it would be to find a local to show you around this beautiful city.  That way, you will be able to spend your time wisely and navigate successfully because to be honest, those bridges all look the same!  Now, what are you waiting for?


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